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Are your incontinence pants washable?

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Easy care washable incontinence wear.

Are they easy-care, quick-drying, and long-lasting? Or are they single-use disposable pants? Our incontinence pants are washable, and reusable for 50 t0 100 washings.  Our pants are better for your budget, and better for the environment!

We’ve talked about our pull up pants, and had a chat about why they are good for men’s incontinence -have we mentioned our incontinence pants are washable and leak resistant? Our line is made of high-performance polyurethane laminated (also known as PUL) fabrics.

These Active Briefs are easy to machine wash and quick to dry.   The fabric is waterproof, and yet breathable, for a maximum of comfort and security while you go about your day. Our Briefs are made to fit easily over an absorbent product for moderate to heavy incontinence issues.  The soft, easy-care fabric is quiet and discreet.

They come in a range of colors too – white, blush, latte, gray, navy and black.  Our washable incontinence pants provide an extra layer of protection, just in case.  Just in case the meeting runs long, there is no intermission, the car breaks down, the flight is delayed….ordinary things that don’t have to cause embarrassment on top of inconvenience.

Making incontinence pants washable, comfortable, secure and reliable is our goal here at Gary Manufacturing.  We would love to know your thoughts on them.

Need incontinence pants, men?

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GaryWear Active Briefs allow men to stay dryer longer.

We’ve told you about the pull up ease of our new line of Active Briefs   Let’s talk about solutions for an ordinary, yet not often discussed issue: dealing with male incontinence.  It’s a problem that we are working on – providing coping solutions so men can get on with their day.

Our Active Briefs are incontinence pants men can feel comfortable and secure in, whether in a lengthy board meeting or out all day on the golf course. Designed to be worn over absorbent products for an extra layer of protection, these pull up briefs offer comfort and security for you, or for any of the men in your life that may be dealing with bladder control difficulties.  These are leak-resistant incontinence pants men can rely on.

Our Active Briefs are washable and quick-dry.  The PUL fabric is waterproof, and yet breathable.  And it doesn’t make embarrassing crinkly noises like some plastic pants.   These are quiet and discreet incontinence pants for men that provide peace of mind… just in case.

We here at Gary Wear can’t improve your golf game, but by providing incontinence pants men can count on, we CAN improve your confidence level that your pants will remain dry on a long day out on the course, and keep you in the swing.

We now manufacture pull up incontinence pants – Active Briefs are here!

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Pull on incontinence pants

Pull up incontinence pants offer extra protection when worn over an absorbent product. Four of six colors shown.

Pull up incontinence pants are convenient and easy.  Here at Gary Manufacturing we’ve launched a new line of Active Briefs — pull up incontinence pants made to be worn over disposable absorbent products.

Our team asked you what you wanted, and we’ve been listening to your answers. You told us reliability and comfort are key.  Our pull up incontinence pants are designed to be worn over an absorbent product (pad or diaper) for an extra layer of protection and security. You told us convenience and ease are very important to you.  We make our pull up incontinence pants with that in mind….they are easy to step in to, and they have a fit that keeps your absorbent product securely in place, leaving you dry and worry-free.

Our Active Briefs are easy-care too.  Machine washable, and quick drying, they come in a range of colors.

We make them out of 100% high performance polyurethane laminated polyester (also known as PUL) which is both waterproof and breathable.  Our pull up incontinence pants have a sleek fabric and cut, which makes them less bulky than traditional protective garments.  The fabric is soft and quiet (no noisy and embarrassing crinkling when you walk) so we’ve also addressed the discretion you told us you needed.

Keep talking.  We’re listening.

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Adult Swim Diapers

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Adult swim diapers for use in the pool.

We have received lots of requests to manufacture an adult swim diaper for our distributors. While we manufacture many items for the adult incontinence market, adult swim diapers are not an item we currently manufacture. In researching this market, we have seen some very interesting adult swim diapers. Their features vary, but mostly we see how difficult it is to source them because many manufacturers of adult swim diapers have gone out of business.

As we research this special needs market, we think our GaryWear Active Brief is a great option to wear over a pull-on diaper in the swimming pool. Our Active Brief is typically worn over disposable diapers for added protection day or night, but it can just as easily be worn for a work-out or therapy session in the pool.

Our Active Brief is a slim-fitting pull-on pant that is completely waterproof, but breathable. It is made from PUL or Polyester fabric with a laminate coating barrier that allows no moisture to escape. Its slim fit allows it to easily fit over a disposable diaper yet appropriately layer below a bathing suit or trunks. Another great feature for the pool is that it air-dries fast! And lastly, it’s fit around the legs is tight which means it is a secure choice for a swimming pool.

You may purchase our GaryWear Active Brief for use as an adult swim diaper from the following distributors:
Adult Cloth Diaper

To find the right fit for you, consult our size chart, and then get in touch with one of the above distributors. They can best answer questions, and provide you with the right solution for your needs.

Featured Distributor Profile: Theraquatics

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We recently took some time to profile one of our newest Distributors: Theraquatics. While they are new to us, they have been in business a long time and ship their products all over the world. Here are some questions we asked them:

1. What is the name of your store?
Theraquatics – We supply aquatic exercise and therapy equipment for the physical therapy market. Our customers could be learning to swim, using the pool for exercise benefits, or high-level athletes in training or recovery. Our customers are all ages, and from all over the world.

2. What is the web link to your store?

We also have a fan page on Facebook-

3. Are you brick and mortar or online or both?
Our products are detailed and warehoused in Montgomery, Alabama. We are predominantly online, but have a showroom for “local” customers. We also have a sister store in Brisbane, Australia that does all Theraquatic’s float design and supply’s Oceania and parts of Europe!

Editor’s note: Oceana is a region in the Pacific Ocean. Sounds like a great place to do swim therapy!

4. How long have you been carrying GaryWear Active Briefs?
We started carrying the GaryWear Active Brief a few months ago, when the pant was first released. We were excited about the launch of this particular item as we felt it offered both a discreet and slim-fitting option for our more active customers.

5. Do you ship to countries other than your own?
We ship worldwide. Our website can take US and Canadian orders, other countries can either purchase through our ebay store (ships everywhere imaginable) or alternatively call or email us for door to door shipping.

6. What are your customers saying about GaryWear Active Briefs?
So far we have had a lot of the “wow” factor – which is always great to hear. Our number one comment goes something like, “Great pants! They really do breathe yet are waterproof. A+.” We already have a lot of repeat buyers who were obviously pleased with the first pair that they purchased.

7. What are your other top sellers?
We sell a lot of water fitness equipment, so heading into summer our foam water dumbbells, water running belts, kickboards and any products that fit into the learn to swim category, are always popular.
Year round we have strong sales in all our therapy and rehab equipment as well as in our extensive range of incontinence pants (both waterproof and daywear varieties).

8. What would you like us to know about your store or your product line, or?
In a nutshell we aim to provide innovative, quality, value for money aquatic fitness equipment. We design, manufacture, and market our own equipment and we ship worldwide. Put simply, we like to think that we make people’s lives better through water.

9. What is one thing your customers love about your store?
We have a straight forward store which is easy to navigate and to purchase from. We have in depth descriptions, lots of YouTube instructional “how to” type videos and we ship all orders within 24 hours of placement. We also stand behind anything that we sell, so if there is a problem, we fix it.

10. Do you have any current offers for customers?
We are in the middle of our summer 2012 mail-out campaign. When checking out use the coupon code “WATER” to receive 5% off any purchase (no minimum amount required). The coupon will run until 9/13/2012.

Editor’s Note: we are really pleased Theraquatics is offering our Active Briefs. If you would like to get on their mailing list for special offers, definitely keep in touch with them, and sign up! And of course, you may purchase our Active Briefs from their online store. It’s great to know they ship within 24 hours of placing an order.

Greetings from GaryWear, a manufacturer of adult briefs and incontinence wear!

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Just a quick post to let everyone know we’ve been gathering our resources, and will be starting to blog on a regular basis about our line of incontinence products. Our goals is to grow our community, and help people become more aware of our great products.

Scheduled for future blog posts:

– Success stories from everyday people about how our products have changed their lives
– Why GaryWear products are worth the investment
– The benefits of cloth diaper systems
– Featured retailers
– General company and product news

We think you will enjoy checking back often, and encourage you to add our site and our blog to your bookmarks page.

If you have been using our products for a while, we encourage you to submit your story on how our products help you get on with your life. If it’s picked for publication, you’ll receive a free pair of Active Briefs from us, which as we like to say, is worth more than your 2c.

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