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7 tips to help you manage your incontinence at work

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We’ve shared some inspiring customer testimonials from folks who have managed their incontinence at challenging workplace settings. Outlasting 12-hour days in more than 100-degree temperature certainly tops that list. GaryWear’s washable incontinence pants play an important role in helping active […]

Harvard Researchers Discover Mechanism Behind the Urge to Urinate

By admin

Could we be on the verge of solving incontinence? A complete medical solution to incontinence maybe decades away, but a recent discovery by Harvard Researchers has shed some light on bladder functionality. Their study revealed the exact mechanism that tells […]

XP Medical’s Numerical Review of the Best Adult Disposable Diapers

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Are you a numbers person? If so, you might like XP Medical’s numerical evaluation of the best adult disposable diapers. Owned and operated by an engineer, XP Medical took a very thorough and standardized approach to comparing and testing disposable […]

What do I Wear Under Incontinence Pants: Disposable or Washable Diapers?

By admin

Let’s explore the proper absorbent product to wear with GaryWear’s Active Brief, a washable, leak-resistant pant that gives confidence to adults diagnosed with incontinence. When wearing GaryWear’s incontinence pants, disposable and washable diapers and pads can both greatly benefit from […]

Bedwetting: Like parent, like child?

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Will my child be a bedwetter? It’s a question that many adults with incontinence ask. As parents, we strive to protect our young ones from the troubling experiences that we’ve had to navigate throughout the years. For instance, those of […]

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