Be Gary Sure

LEAK-PROOF FOR BETTER SLEEP. “After many years, I can finally sleep on my side again. No leaks at night. These are my new favorite pants! I am ecstatic with the results.” –Kent, Florida FORM-FITTING AND DISCREET. “When I wore them my wife said, Are you not wearing any today? It’s nice to have a normal product you can wear, and not feel embarrassed.“ –Jim, New York AN EXTRA LAYER OF PROTECTION. JUST IN CASE. “I can keep up with my grandsons. I'm so grateful for that!” –Nancy, Texas SURPRISINGLY BREATHABLE. “Very comfortable around my waist and legs. And unlike plastic pants, they didn’t stick to my skin.” –Pat, Michigan PERFECT WHEN YOU'RE ON THE GO. “These are a great solution if you’re you’re stuck on an airplane flight, in a business meeting, or at the opera. This pant will protect you for those times when you can’t change.” –Laura, Texas


Introducing new GaryWear Active Briefs

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Incontinence & inconvenience go hand in hand. The reality is, sometimes you just can’t change your disposable diaper when you need to, which can lead to leaks. Our new GaryWear Active Brief is designed to give you a comfortable and discreet extra layer of protection — for confidence around the clock.

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