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  • What is a GaryWear Active Brief?
  • It is a breathable, waterproof fabric pant to wear over disposable diapers for added protection day or night, and anytime you just can’t get to a washroom.  View pictures of the brief.
  • How do I know the right size brief to purchase?
  • As most leaks start at the legs, it’s imperative you choose the right fit. For all Gary products, begin by measuring your legs, then let that guide you. If you use your waist as a starting point, you could end up with the wrong fit. See our size guide for exact instructions.
  • Can I wear my GaryWear Active Briefs over cloth diapers?
  • Yes, just purchase one size larger.
  • How should I store my briefs between washings?
  • Store clean briefs as you would any regular underwear. If you cannot wash soiled underwear immediately, rinse them out and hang to dry. Mold may grow if underwear sits too long between washings. GaryWear Active has a PUL laundry bag for your underwear that can be used inside your laundry basket. We also offer a small travel bag for changes on the road.
  • Do you sell direct?
  • No, you may only buy GaryWear products through our Distributors.
  • Can I place an insert pad directly in my Active Briefs?
  • No, this will damage the laminate, when you remove the pad.  Rather use a diaper or regular underwear between the pad and the pant.
  • Can I use rash ointments and creams if I am wearing a GaryWear Active Brief?
  • Rash ointments cause our underwear to repel and not function properly. If you mistakenly get rash ointment on your underwear, wash them normally and then apply some dishwashing liquid, like Dawn, to the affected area. Scrub the affected area lightly with a toothbrush or other bristle brush. While this is a suggested method, it may not always work. Underwear that deteriorates due to rash ointments is not covered by our warranty.
  • I have a rash. What do you recommend since I can’t use a rash ointment with my GaryWear Active Briefs?
  • While people using GaryWear Active Briefs generally will not experience rashes, they can occur on occasion due to allergies, illness, etc. Do not use rash ointment while using GaryWear Active Briefs; this will void your warranty and cause them to repel. We recommend changing your Briefs often and allowing your body to air dry as much as possible.
  • How do I wash my GaryWear Active Briefs?
  • Wash them after each use. Do not soak them. You may wash them on hot or cold. Do not use bleach. Tumble dry on low, or hang to dry. Do not use high heat. Do not use fabric softener or pure soap. You do not need to wash them before use.
  • Should I use hot water to wash GaryWear Active Briefs and how hot?
  • It is okay to use hot water to wash them, 140 degrees Fahrenheit/60 degrees C. However, keep in mind that you should hang your underwear to dry, or use a very low setting in your dryer. This will prolong the life of the product.

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