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August 1,2018. Bob from Arkansas

  • “I would like to say the Gary Active Brief has been the been the best waterproof pant I have worn in my thirty-five years of incontinence! The brief always is soft, non binding legs and it its a pleasure to wear. I had not one leak, and I wear thick cloth diapers. My wife doesn’t mind the feel at night when in bed, much better over vinyl pants. I wear them 24/ 7, they wash up easy and dry normally with in 45 minutes. Great product at a great price! I would recommend them to others.”

July 17,2018. Dwight from Montana

  • “I have worn GaryWear Active briefs for three years. I love how easy it is to care for, great fitting, and long lasting. It beats plastic pants every way possible. I wear both cloth and disposable diapers and never have to worry about leaks. I have worn a pair  every day other than when doing laundry and they have lasted well over a year. I recommend them to everyone I know that has incontinent issues..”

July 6,2018. Randy from Idaho

  • “The active brief enhanced my security and dignity. No more issue with my pants slipping down over the traditional smooth plastic common in incontinence pants exposing a diaper/brief waist line for anyone to see. I can venture out with full confidence that the briefs will silence any give away tell tail indications that I am wearing an incontinence product. One real nice feature around the home in the evening, I can wear my active brief covering my needed protection as I would wear a pair of shorts and a shirt and my wife accepts the appearance completely. The active brief is breathable, cool, comfortable and I have been able to count on it securely holding whatever incontinent product I wear securely in place and knowing the brief will contain any minor leaks in the event that should occur. I especially find the way the brief is cut and fits without an excess of material to bunch up gives a look of a well made product that no one would consider anything other than a good fitting swim suit or shorts as my wife considers the active brief.”


  • “I wear disposables, and through my many years I have had to try many different diapers and covers until I found something right. Only plastic backed diapers work for me, and cause the least amount of problems. Some however, had tapes that unstuck after awhile, and some felt loose that they would sag. Some diaper covers were either too tight, too baggy, or too hot. My hopes went up when I found Gary Wear.I bought a black one to try and it was amazing! Not only does it hold my diaper in place, but I had no leaks! They are thin, well made, do not cause me to sweat, and are even stylized to look nice. I’m definitely buying more. I like the colors you offer, but I would love to see more to choose from like red, green, and dark brown. I’m not ashamed of my disability, but I would love to have a variety of different colors to choose from like regular underwear. Thanks so much for a wonderful product!”

January 31, 2015, Chris

  • “I have been using the active brief for about 6 months now and am VERY pleased. I started out using them as a cover for my disposables while at work,(I’m a firefighter,) because if i got up at night and had to move around a lot, when I went back to bed I would normally have a leak in bed. The Garywear Brief has been the answer to that problem. I was so impressed with them I just started wearing cloth on my days off around the first of the year and use these exclusively. To me the cloth feel is more natural, comfortable and much more dignified than with the typical plastic pants. I currently own 10 pairs in two different colors. Thanks for a great product.”

March 15, 2014, Claudio in North Carolina

  • “My mother is almost 89 and suffers from total urinary incontinence. I SO wish we had known about Gary Wear several years ago. Wet clothing and accidents on the furniture was a daily occurrence. I saw your ad online in January and ordered a pair to try. I have since ordered one for each day of the week. She has not had wet clothing, bedding, or furniture since she started wearing them. I so appreciate this product!”

March 11, 2014, Linda

  • “I now have two pairs of GaryWear Active Briefs and must say that they are the best protection, that I have used to help stop leaks from my diapers. I bought two different colors and must say both look nice. They do the job that they were made to do. Thanks!”

June 22, Jim from Illinois

March 28, 2013, Kent

  • “I take Lasix and this makes me urinate a lot. I use Depends Real Fit pull-ups and then slip on my GaryWear Active Brief. I can go non-stop for 8 hours easily with no pit stop. GaryWear as a back up has never failed me yet.  Thanks!”

May 16, 2013, Rick

  • “I had a customer tell me today that these are GREAT!  She had bought some others previously and “they don’t compare,” is what she said.

April 23, 2013, Nancy from NorthShore Care Supply, (800) 563 – 0161

  • “Bill and I are considerably relieved that we won’t have the struggles with leaking and inadequate products ever again.  It was really a nightmare when each of us was feeling terrible.”

March 11, 2013, Betty

  • “I just wish this product was available 40 years ago when I became incontinent; these pants are a marked improvement over the pants I once wore. I now wear them all the time, and give me the added protection to allow the issues of incontinence to be minimized.”

January 2013, William

  • “After many years, I can finally sleep on my side again. No leaks at night. These are my new favorite pants! I am ecstatic with the results.”

August 24, 2011 Kent

  • “When I wore them my wife said, “Are you not wearing any today?” It’s nice to have a normal product you can wear, and not feel embarrassed.”

August 22, 2011 Jim

  • “Very comfortable around my waist and legs. And unlike plastic pants, they didn’t stick to my skin.”

August 20, 2011 Pat

  • “These are a great solution if you’re stuck on an airplane flight, or a business meeting, or at the opera. This pant will protect you for those times when you can’t change.”

August 14, 2011 Laura

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