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The Top 20 Reasons to partner with Gary Manufacturing & sell our line of GaryWear Active Briefs:

  1. Our product lines enjoy an excellent reputation among users & distributors all over the world.
  2. We are an industry leader & look to our users & distributors for product innovation & enhancements.
  3. All of our products are hand-made in the USA with the highest quality standards.
  4. We have a dedicated & excellent customer service team.
  5. Our electronic ordering streamlines purchase orders, & keeps manufacturing costs down.
  6. Our product line is one-stop shopping for all washable, reusable incontinence wear products.
  7. You can differentiate your existing offering by selling GaryWear Active Briefs & stay ahead of your competition.
  8. Our Starter Pack for new Distributors includes an assortment of our best selling sizes & colors at a special discount.
  9. Our website has a Distributor Locator to help drive sales in your local market.
  10. When you call during business hours, you get a live person.
  11. We ship worldwide, and in nice retail packaging for an excellent customer experience.
  12. We offer a  website & blog optimized for SEO –
  13. We produce a quarterly newsletter to promote the product line & showcase our distributors.
  14. Distributors receive a free listing on our website with a link back to their website.
  15. We provide all digital assets, including photos of products, descriptive copy, fit guides & size charts via Dropbox online for easy downloads.
  16. When consumers call us, they are re-directed back to our Distributors for all sales inquiries.
  17. Selling our line of washable, reusable products shows you care about the environment because reusable products are better for our planet.
  18. You receive volume discounts for larger orders.
  19. Our products are not found in drug stores or regular retail stores.  They can only be purchased online.
  20. Our easy payment terms mean you can order same day & pay with a credit card.  Or you can apply for credit & we’ll notify you of your credit line.

Call us today and find out how you can grow your business with our product line: 1-800-775-0804 or email us: sales AT

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