Be Gary Sure

Other GaryWear Products

Gary Pants

  • (All vinyl or urethane, which is not vinyl; long waist or low-cut bikini. These are cut much fuller than our new Active Briefs, as they were designed to be worn over bulkier cloth diapers, not disposable diapers.)
  • Gary Original Pants in Pull-On or Snap-On
  • Gary Comfort Pants (Same as above, but with enclosed elastic for wicking.)
  • Gary Original Pull-On Pant in PUL
  • Gary Bloomers

Reusable Diapers

  • Flat (Pre-fold, butterfly or contour style)
  • Insert Pads
  • Pull-on Terry

Bibs and Smocks

  • Bib
  • Bib with Tray
  • Smock
 GaryWear Travel Bag


  • Travel bag in black PUL with zip closure
  • Laundry bag in black PUL with zip closure


Download the full GaryWear Reusable Incontinence Wear Catalog  to find further product details.


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