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Fabric diaper covers for adults – success!

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    We love success stories! We always encourage people to send them to us because we think we make a quality fabric diaper cover, so when we receive words of praise, it reinforces the reasons we do what we […]

Give Yourself a Little Love this Valentines’ Day

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We wanted to take a minute to spread a little love this Valentine’s Day. We spend so much time writing about the problems associated with incontinence, we thought we’d take this day of love to remind ourselves of all the […]

GaryWear Testimonial: A Historical Look at Protective Incontinence Pants

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  A few weeks ago, we received a nice note from James (a fictional name, though his testimonial is real) sharing that he wished GaryWear’s protective incontinence pants existed 40 years ago. He mentioned that our washable incontinence pants are […]

It’s Getting Hot in Here: Controlling Incontinence While Working in Manufacturing

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It’s not a secret that many customers with incontinence struggle with sweating and stickiness while wearing disposable diapers and incontinence pants. Thick protective layers like that can cause heat. Imagine this situation when working at a manufacturing facility that can […]

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Giving Thanks for an Active Life with Incontinence

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We’re seeing this trend hit Facebook  where our friends count down things they are thankful for this November. Things like, “I’m thankful for the air we breathe” and “I’m thankful for my job.” We like this idea of focusing on […]

Gary’s Guide: Three Tips to Managing Incontinence During Your Holiday Travels

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The holiday travel woes—you can count on it like clockwork.  Every year at this time massive media coverage overtakes our airwaves counting delayed flights due to devastating storms and sad stories of families sleeping in airports. The reports can make […]

Fabric incontinence underwear is finally available in different colors!

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At GaryWear, we know it might not be your first choice to buy incontinence underwear.  But we want to give you some choices in this matter, so we have provided a fabric color palette ranging from blush to latte. Of […]

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